Facade Restoration​

Facade Restoration Service in India

Why Facade Restoration is Important ?

Repairing or troubleshooting poor construction design or craftsmanship, as well as protecting a building’s exterior from the deteriorating effects of dampness, contaminants, and inferior materials is an important element of our repair services.Our facade restoration service in Mumbai, Thane, Kurla, Panvel, Mankhurd, Vashi, Ghatkopar are highly demanding because of the quality of service. 

Technoshine india has a lot of experience in outside building facade repair and maintenance. Water intrusion, damaged building surfaces, and external waterproofing upkeep are all challenges that our repair professionals have dealt with in the past.

Leak identification and the repair of building components damaged by moisture penetration should be a well-thought-out process involving the employment of a contractor who is familiar with this type of analysis and repair.
Technoshine India can successfully examine these challenges and develop a repair proposal that fits each facility engineer’s budget while also providing warrantable solutions.

Testing for Water Leakage:

Due to improvements and innovations in building façade technology, there has been a constant growth in demand for services linked to analyzing uncontrolled water leakage via the building envelope (roofs, walls, and glass).

Diagnostic water leakage testing necessitates a number of steps before, during, and after the actual testing to aid in the selection of the test location, methodology, and, finally, the confirmation of the results.

Due diligence (gathering the history of reported leaks by contacting tenants or engineering staff), survey (close-range examination of facade), and testing are all part of the procedure (pressure method).

Water Resistant:
External waterproofing protects people from illness or harm, as well as the structure from damage caused by surface water redirection. We offer a technical solution for repairing water leaks by applying a weatherproof sealant (silicon filling) or installing a facade element. We are very experienced vendors in facade restoration service in Mumbai.

Facade Unit Replacement:

Strong winds, rain, ad salt air can cause quick deterioration of many external surfaces, particularly facade glass units and aluminum composite panels.

Regardless of the type of glass replacement services you require, we can accommodate any situation in a residential, commercial, or industrial structure. 

If you want facade restoration service in Mumbai or any city just contact us.

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