Cradle Maintenance Service in India

Technoshine India offers the most affordable cradle maintenance service in Mumbai, Mankhurd, Vashi, Kurla, Ghatkopar, Govandi, Thane area’s. Buildings and architectural constructions are no strangers to the principles of hydraulics and skyscrapers.

Professionals should always install, repair, and maintain these pieces of equipment since they can give secure and practical access solutions while also ensuring that the equipment is efficient and safe to use. It is critical to have highly effective and efficient instruments that can allow easy and secure access to new and existing building windows and other outside features in a safe manner, whether you are conducting minor window cleaning or intense maintenance work. We at Technoshine India take such measures very seriously and be updated and prepared. Thus we stand out amongst the best cradle maintenance service in Mumbai.

In addition, you will be given the essential documentation as well as any relevant compliance requirements as confirmation that the task was completed to a high degree.

If your daily work involves cleaning windows or performing light maintenance work using BMU cradles or hanging rails suspended from high-rise buildings with skyscrapers, you should ensure that your equipment is in good working order and that a qualified engineer or technician performs regular maintenance and repairs when it breaks down. This will safeguard your employees’ safety and give secure access to towering structures, allowing them to accomplish what they do best. Technoshine India always give first preference to safety of it’s employees, and that’s why we leading the market in cradle maintenance service in Mumbai & other cities.

Types :-

  1. Solo power cradle.
  2. Two man power cradle

Features :-

  1. Assembly consist of Stainless steel plateform bucket +imported power winches + Reelers with gear & motor + control panel + castor wheels + trip bar + limit switches.
  2. Capable of vertical ascent & descent at a climbing speed of 8 meters per minute.
  3. Provided with emergency descent at a controlled speed in case of power failure by operating primary brake lever.
  4. Castor wheels – for easy transport & store.
  5. Suspension system ;- Stainless steel wire ropes of Dia. 8.3mm,
    1)  two nos of primary wire ropes.
    2)  two nos of secondary safety wire ropes.

If  you have any requirement about cradle maintenance service in Mumbai, Thane, Vashi, Kurla, Panvel, Mankhurd, Ghatkopar, or any location , just contact us.