Building Maintenance Unit (BMU )

We have always provided the best cleaning and maintenance services to our clients as a respected building maintenance unit service in Mumbai. We understand how difficult it is to clean the façade of high-rise buildings. As a result, we’ve enlisted the help of highly skilled and professional façade cleaning specialists. Our professionals are well-versed in the operation and effectiveness of the BMU cleaning system, ensuring the best results.

What is a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)?

A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a device that allows access to a building’s façade. It is made up of several elements that vary based on the structure, its shape, and its height. A typical BMU is a mechanical or remote-controlled gadget dangling from a building’s top deck.

A roof car allows a gondola to be lowered from the roof to reach specified or all portions of the building in many circumstances. A Building Maintenance Unit is a service in Mumbai that cleans, maintains, and repairs the building’s outside facade. BMUs are employed in a wide range of structures, from low-rise buildings to skyscrapers.

The building maintenance unit BMU is usually fitted with the structure’s exterior. Because of this configuration, moving the BMU over the structure’s surface is simple. Because this type of system does not require any additional support equipment, there is a high demand for it.

Building Maintenance Units Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

These solutions are intended specifically for vertical movement to clean the outside or facades. This piece of equipment can readily handle a load of up to 240 kg. Articulated cradles, Powerchairs, 1.25 mtr cradles, and 90 deg rotating cradles are the four main types of cradle arrangement that we deal with. We are able to provide high-quality BMU cleaning system service because to such revolutionary cradles.


It is possible to manage horizontal movement over the aluminium alloy track with these access mechanisms. Our experts can ride the Monorails to any corner of the building because the track is made to match the construction of the building.

Floor mounted installation Monorail, Floor mounted Devit JIB, Counterweight, Parapet clamp, Traveling Devit JIB, Mobile Devit JIB, and floor mounted monorails are examples of Monorails for which we provide building maintenance unit services.

We are frequently referred to be the top building maintenance unit service in Mumbai due to our competitive BMU cleaning services. Any requirement of BMU service?, contact us.